About me

Marie-Noëlle Bessette, D.O.

I have always had a great interest in manual therapies and osteopathy has been an obvious choice in my career. I am known for my ability to provide gentle care and my listening skills. In order to relieve my clients, I mainly uses muscular, fascial, visceral and cranial techniques, adapted to each person according to their state of health and the reason for consultation.

The popularization of my work is for me a real source of pleasure: do not hesitate to ask me questions about osteopathy and the care I will give you!

I graduated from the Academie d’ostéopathie de Montréal (AOM), am member of RITMA and write an essay about the place of osteopathy in the prevention of pelvic floor lesions during childbirth.

I have created monOsteo for you!